Wednesday, 8 February 2012


in the frosty morning sunshine
steam rises from the edge of fence panels
and the playing field is patched
green and white where the tree shadows fall

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  1. Hi Martine of Silencing the Bell! I didn't know how to contact you but every time I try to click on your blog: Silencing the Bell: this message comes up

    "Malware Detected:silencing the bell contains content from feltingyoursoul.blogspot - a site known to distribute malware." They then warn me not to proceed.

    I hope you don't mind me writing this here - I had to go to a cached version of one of your blog posts of silencing the bell to get some kind of contact details to tell you - as you didn't have any in your profile I've clicked on your other blogs! It's the sort of thing I hope my bloggie friends would do for me if my site's been hacked and I didn't know!

    Hope this helps and sorry if you know about your site carrying a potential malware already!

    Take care