Thursday, 29 May 2014

Costa Rican Adventure 6 - Cacao Monkeys again

We breakfast with a basilisk

Costa Rican Adventure 5 - Cacao Monkeys

In the pitch black the crashing waves of the pacific 
have been replaced with the chirrup of insects
and the plink plonk of frogs calling from the canopy.
We wake to the cacophony of howler monkeys.

Costa Rica Adventure 4 - snakes

tree roots in the path look like snakes
snakes look like tree roots
they are mostly tree roots.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Costa Rica Adventure 3 - leaf-cutter ants

I peer over the veranda at a procession of tiny white blossoms
making their way down into the shrubbery

Costa Rica Adventure 2 - above the clouds

the downy pillows of fleece are replaced with a clean blue-tinged sweep of ice
I could step from the wing and glide away

Costa Rica Adventure 1 - on the train

After two hours trapped with celebratory football chatter
the silence of the deserted Underground carriage is bliss